About us

Life is too short to drink bad Whisky

Oldies & Goldies Trading BV is a Belgian company started by brothers Geert Béro en Kris Béro , with over 25 years experience in the hotel industry we wanted to start something else .
So we turned in to the whisky world, Geert has been in to whisky and old bottles since 1997 and has gained a lot of experience in the field of old and rare bottles. He is an ambassador for old and rare bottlings.
Now with Oldies & Goldies he has turned his hobby and passion in to his job.
Our focus is on older and rare bottles ,there are enough shops that are selling new whisky, we sell the bottles that were bottled years and years ago and the new specials.
You will find the past in your glass when you buy from us. 
One of our rules we live by is “ Life is too short to drink bad whisky ! “

We will always pack the bottles very decent and shockproof and will make sure you get a fast and flawless service after payment of your bottles.
A happy customer is a returning customer.


Our Team